Happy Customers

At Chilliwack Mitsubishi, our greatest joy comes from serving our customers and seeing their smiles as they drive off in their dream vehicles.

She was looking specifically for an RVR and even test-drove a few at another Mitsubishi dealership before arriving here. She was so impressed with our service and hospitality that we sold and rolled her that day within 2 hours without any test drives.
She is satisfied with her choice as well!

This is my first ever customer here! His name is Kaleb and he walked onto the lot at 9 am looking for something sporty. We bonded over our love of sports cars and speed, and I knew it was a done deal once we dropped the hammer on this beautiful 2017 Challenger on our test drive. He was a first-time buyer and was very excited and happy with his purchase.

This is Sue Fechner, she is a repeat customer of our store and was looking for no BS, no beating around the bush, and straightforward business. I contacted her after hours and we gave clear and exact answers.

We sold her this Ford Flex that fit her budget and needs!

This is Joey Espinoza; he is also a repeat customer whose 5-seater SUV was not going to cut it as his parents were arriving from the Philippines. We worked tirelessly to find a 7-seater that would not only keep his family safe with the best technology but also something that fit his budget! We were able to work it out so now Joey can travel with the whole family!

These are the Vissers, Warren, and Tereasa. They were looking for a spacious 7-seater to take the grandchildren around. I highlighted the safety features of the vehicle and after a joyous test drive, they were ready to buy. But they needed a Grey GT specifically. So we located one and traded an Outlander just so we could complete the sale in the spec they wanted. Needless to say, they were very happy with the purchase. 

This is Jon, he needed a very spacious ride due to his height. He also has 3 children who have been riding around in his 2001 VW Golf hatchback. I knew he needed something spacious and more importantly, something much safer for his family. Therefore, we selected a 2024 Outlander GT as it had the required space and the most advanced safety features available! His young son made it clear that the new vehicle had to be blue, so we sourced one to make it happen! It was very enjoyable working with him and his family.

My new friend Michael was referred by a previous customer who knew we provided the best service. Michael was in the process of getting his license and was looking for a new ride. He instantly fell in love with the NOIR edition Eclipse Cross, and after a test drive and a demonstration of the available features, his excitement was through the roof! The experience was very enjoyable for all of us, as we love helping people buy their dream cars. 

This is Harjinder, I had been talking to him for weeks over text trying to figure out how we can help him find a suitable vehicle within his budget. After much deliberation, we were able to get him approved for the exact vehicle he was looking for, a 2019 Outlander Hybrid. He had many requests, and we were able to accommodate every single one! He was so satisfied with his experience that he brought his friend with him and now it looks like both of them will be getting new rides! 

This is Dee, she had been shopping around for a new SUV and had been to many dealerships, and even tried a few different rides. She was looking for an Outlander PHEV in Diamond Red, and we had that exact spec. She was very pleasant and easy-going but did not want to rush any decisions. We completely understood and allowed her to take the vehicle home for the night to discuss with her family and to get more familiar with it. Needless to say, it was a hit, and she came back the very next day to buy!